Does CoolSculpting Work?

does CoolSculpting workThe first question people ask when they hear about this cutting edge fat melting procedure is, “Does CoolSculpting work?” In short, CoolSculpting definitely works. Freezing fat cells is one of the safest ways to lose inches and contour those trouble areas on our body that won’t budge with event the strictest diets and exercise programs. While it’s completely safe and non-invasive, it can still target and effectively eliminate those pockets of fat that are unsightly and difficult to remove.

Fat cells produce and secrete a range of substances that influence our body weight, as well as how much we eat and how we use energy and burn fat. We are born with a certain number of fat cells, and if they secrete too little of these substances, health issues can arise—from chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, liver and heart disease to certain types of cancer. Therefore, when we increase the fat cells in our body, our risk of health issues rises as well.

When we eat too much and our body doesn’t use all of the calories we consume, it will store those additional calories as fat. If we continue to overeat, those fat cells stretch and often hit their maximum. When that happens, our bodies create new fat cells that will remain in our body forever. They may shrink in size, but they will only go away permanently through a sculpting procedure such as freezing fat cells.

The good news is, once CoolSculpting eliminates those fat cells, they don’t come back. A healthy diet and workout regime should be maintained so that our body doesn’t create more fat cells, but once patients see their results, they are extremely motivated to maintain them.

When you ask any of our patients, “Does CoolSculpting work?” they rave about their experience and tell you that yes, this revolutionary new procedure yields excellent results.